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Adjust Servings:
1 pound Rotini Pasta
1 pound Chicken Breast, cut into strips
1 pound Cubed Turkey Ham
1 cup Swiss Cheese, shredded
1 cup Gouda cheese
1 cup Milk
3 cups Chicken Broth
1 tsp Garlic powder
1 tsp Salt
1 tsp Ground Black Pepper
3 Tbsp Butter
1 cup Bread Crumbs

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Instant Pot® Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole

Instant Pot® Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole

Chicken Cordon Bleu always seems like such a fancy meal.

  • Serves 4
  • Medium



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Chicken Cordon Bleu always seems like such a fancy meal. The name is fancy and it can be a little complicated to make it perfectly. However, using your Instant Pot will definitely help you make this dish perfectly! Cooking chicken cordon bleu in the Instant Pot guarantees that your chicken will be perfectly cooked, not dry or tough. This recipe also uses turkey ham which means it is completely free of pork products- even better! And, to top it all off, it is made like a casserole which means less steps and more taste. Enjoy!

Tools Needed:

  • Instant Pot®
  • Measuring Spoon
  • Measuring Cup
  • Rubber Spatula
  • Knife
  • Cutting Board
  • Small Saucepan
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Add the dry pasta to the Instant Pot bowl along with the chicken broth.


Layer the sliced chicken on top of the pasta followed by the turkey ham. Sprinkle all the seasonings on top and then cover the pot. Set the Instant Pot lid to ‘seal’ then press the ‘manual’ button and set the timer for 10 minutes, cooking on high pressure. When the timer goes off, let the Instant Pot sit for another 10 minutes before opening the steamer valve.


Open the lid and add the milk and cheeses to the pot. Stir until the cheeses is melted the divide into bowls.


Put the butter into a small saute pan to melt then add the breadcrumbs. Cook over medium heat, stirring occasionally until the breadcrumbs have browned.


Sprinkle the toasted breadcrumbs over the chicken casserole and serve!

Wasn’t this a tasty twist on a culinary classic? Let us know if you have any questions before you make this easy rendition of chicken cordon bleu! We will answer in the comments below!


My name is Amanda and I am a professional pastry chef. I have over 16 years of culinary experience and a bachelors degree in Baking and Pastry Arts. I currently live right outside New York City with my husband and two daughters who are my official taste testers and kitchen helpers. Chocolate chip cookies and ice cream are my weakness and, because I have two young kids, I need coffee every day. I love sharing my cooking passion and hope that you find some culinary inspiration here!

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